Wednesday, April 3, 2019

According to the National Association of Realtors - "82 percent of homes purchased between July 2017 and June 2018 were single-family homes with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, sized at about 1,900 square feet, with a median sold price of $250,000".  This is the NAR's model house for 2019.   Interestingly the demographics area as follows: married buyers are at 63% of all owners, followed by white female singles.
Architect John Henry just developed a new custom suburban house design situated on a corner lot in Central Florida.  Setbacks of 5 feet on the back and side, with 15 feet on the two street sides allowed just enough space for this transitional single-story design of 1,980 SF.  The lot size allowed a buildable footprint of 50 by 85 feet.
The homeowner requested a wrap-around porch for neighborhood views and a friendly image.  There are three bedrooms and two baths, a single Living and Dining area with large open Kitchen with bar seats.  Laundry and pantry are convenient to the Kitchen and just a few steps off the two-car garage.
There is sufficient privacy between the Master Suite and the two bedrooms, sharing a bath. (All bedrooms indicate a queen size bed for scale)
The stunning eye-opener, when first entering under the arched porch, is the amazing amount of light and views under a soaring vaulted ceiling.  The wrap-around porch continues into a larger private rear porch ('lanai') that shelters a nice grass yard and Pool with Grill.  The Great Room, Kitchen, Dining, and Master Suite all have views into this private area.
A fireplace in the roomy Great Room is on axis with the Kitchen, a great visual anchor to the entire open space.  The ample covered porch modulates the direct sun and allows cool rocking chair respites on three sides.
At the last minute, the homeowner requested an additional bedroom and bath, which pushed the Master Suite to the rear of the setback (not shown).  An alternative would be to situate two bedrooms upstairs, allowing this design to be built on an even smaller lot.
The owner wished to include some slightly contemporary touches on the architectural treatment outside and although there are stone and stucco, the angled porch columns add that quixotic touch of 'transitional' design.

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