Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Fabled Payne Stewart Mansion by John Henry Architect.
Created over 20 years ago in a private setting on a pristine lake in Central Florida this is one of the best examples of a contemporary Period Style Mansion in the United States.  It is Italian Baroque on one elevation and pure Greek/Roman on the other.
This is a beautiful Villa resplendent with characteristic columns, arches, and moldings.  But each element has a custom design, and the use of classical proportion and detail make this truly unique and World Class in execution and effect.  The interiors were created to be part of the period style.  Natural stone was used for exterior and interior columns, balusters, and moldings.
The eye delights over the darks and lights, detail and shadow, wood, stone and stucco.
Please see the newly created video that includes for the first time: the interiors in still photography and the exterior/grounds in aerial photography.

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