Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thanks for coming over to view our blog!
We started this a few years ago and would like to know exactly what is on YOUR mind in order to plan the upcoming topics.
So please ask for information that is pertinent to your project in terms of methods, materials, style, history, site aspects, health and technology, etc.
Here is a list of some of the items I plan to cover in the near future:

1. Stone or Concrete details - where to use the real thing and where not.  Limestone density vs. Concrete and more.  Exterior vs. interior use.
2. How does placement/orientation of house affect energy use on large lots.
3. Icynene - expanded foam now comes in bio friendly form.  Where does insulation make the biggest contribution to energy savings.
4. How to get the most for your design dollar - Architects vs. non licensed building designers, Permit Set plans, Specifications, etc.
5. How the style of a house affects cost and energy use - boxy is good, modern vs. traditional envelopes
6. Cost plus vs. Competitive bid - there is a difference.  When and why to use either when working with a contractor
7. What is the typical design to final drawings process?  How to communicate effectively with your architect and potential builder.

Many more ideas and topics to come; please make sure to ask for a specific item and you will be the priority subject.
See our portfolio online now: for examples of period style Luxury villas, starter homes to beautiful Mansions, Castles and Palaces!

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