Sunday, December 2, 2007

Are today's architects able to create correctly detail Period homes?

The problem we have had for over 40 years is that most university programs spend very little time on domestic architecture and emphasize commercial work in Modern styles.
Most of our academic institutions followed the Beaux Arts method until Bauhaus Modernism completely replaced the notions of beauty, proportion, talent, hand worked details, etc. by machine age technology. Modernist tenets are violently opposed to any historic period classical revivals and progressive arts publications promote the 'new' while marginalize to the extreme any good period work.
Only one university in this country has a full classical architecture curriculum.
Therefore most practicing architects doing historical revival work had to learn the basics and the more elaborate examples completely on their own.
The layperson in today's times has had little exposure to the great architecture of Europe from which our Western Tradition of Classical Architecture was born. The work of Architects and other drafting firms who produce revival styles have to be measured against the 'real' thing. And many compromises are made, most of which are not necessary and are due to a misunderstanding of the proper details and proportions.

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